A rideshare driver’s headache: will UBER/Lyft company insurance cover my accident?

Sam is a part-time rideshare driver in San Francisco and enjoyed the flexibility and extra income from his UBER driving. But it ended till the day when his car got hit at a T-bone while he was on his way to pick up the passenger (Period 2). While it is difficult to determine who is at fault during a T-bone accident, it is also confusing about Uber/Lyft company insurance coverage. Inpooling wants to share with Sam and other rideshare drivers some insights.

What is not covered when the App is on?

Unfortunately, it is never straight forward when it comes to claims VS. insurance coverage.

Period 1: If you do not have your own RideShare insurance“, and rely only on Uber/Lyft Company Insurance

  • You will not be covered if someone hits your car and runs away or he/she is uninsured/underinsured
  • Further more, your own car damage and medical payments will not be covered if it was your fault

Period 2 and Period 3: If the accident is at your fault and you only reply on Uber/Lyft Company Insurance:

  • your medical payments will not be covered
  • you need to pay 1K (Uber) / 2.5K (Lyft) high deductibles to repair the car
  • Only passengers and third parties are covered by the 1 million liability umbrella insurance





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